SUNDAY JULY 23, 2006, At 7:00 PM





Two Films by:
Amir Naderi


Saz Dahani

Stunning Elements from Iran. This 1985 production depicts drought with a terrible beauty. Amid stark desert landscapes in southern Iran, we see household utensils abandoned by people who have moved on in search of water holes that have not yet run dry. On this bleak horizon the camera picks up a young boy returning to his family’s encampment, only to find that they have been forced to move on. He is played by the resilient and appealing Majid Niroumand, the gifted star of “The Runner.” Very quickly our concern for him in finding his family gives way to the fear that he may not survive.
Naderi, now in exile in New York, manages to make compelling a simple and increasingly grim story through his command of imagery and the subtle, perspective quality of his observations – indeed, the boy , in his determination, can be taken as a figure in a contemporary Third World allegory.