at 6:30 PM

Ardeshir Mohasses

Writer, Director, Producer: Bahman Maghsoudlou
1972, B&W, 20 min., Documentary, Iran

A documentary about a famous Iranian caricaturist, who has lived in America since 1976. Selected for the Leipzig Film Festival, 1996. Maghsoudlou is currently working on an updated and expanded hour-long version of this documentary.



A Film by:
Vahid Mousaian
Produced by Bahman Maghsoudlou

Special Guest: Bahman Maghsoudlou

Siavash, a man in his late 30s, left Iran years ago and lives in Sweden with his wife and two children. One day he realizes he wants to go back for a visit and decides the best place to do so is Qeshm Island, because, despite belonging to Iran, it is a free port and doesn't require a visa. Being there he feels he is in Iran, but it does not fully satisfy his homesickness and nostalgia, because his old home is on the other side of the island.He buys a mobile phone and with it manages to contact his friend Hossein in Khorramabad. Hossein asks him not to leave the island and explains to him the dangers if he were to come back.