SUNDAY JULY 9, 2006, At 7:00 PM

P as Pelican

a short film by:
Parviz Kimiavei


Romantic Comedy


A Film by:
Billy Wilder



A bittersweet Satire on contemporary morality allows Billy Wilder to grow a rose in a garbage pail.
Insurance clerk C. C. Baxter finds his corporate rise assisted by providing his superiors with access to his apartment as a locale for their extra marital affairs. A surprise promotion is engineered by company director J. D. Sheldrake in return for his use of the apartment. Baxter is now emboldened to pursue his love of elevator operator Fran Kubelic but is dismayed to discover that she is Sheldrake’s mistress. When Sheldrake chooses Christmas Eve to inform her that marriage will never be an option, she takes an overdose and is discovered by Baxter who tenderly nurses her back to health. Declaring his apartment off-limits, the conscience-stricken Baxter quits his job and is rewarded with Fran’s love. .