Film Society is a not for profit, public benefit organization, an educational and cultural institution; without any affiliation to any political or religious entity. We are dedicated to the promotion of World Cinema, serving Iranian and International communities in Los Angeles.

Our mission is to entertain, educate, and increase the viewers understanding of film art and help the general public to become active rather than passive viewer. This will also add to the pleasure of the movie going experience, realizing that a film can be viewed from a variety of perspectives: national, cultural, ideological, aesthetic, artistic, etc.

One of our goals is to bring together Iranian and foreign filmmakers and artists without preconceptions and regardless of their political and religious affiliations, their sexual orientation or their personal beliefs. We firmly believe that it is the artistic endeavor itself that matters, and not the individual behind it. If the quality or relevance of all arts were contingent on the artist's political leanings, race, religion, sanity or sexuality and its unavoidable foibles, there would be nothing to move, stimulate or teach us. Our world would be a sad, flattened, arid one.

We are also committed to film production programs that help us to celebrate, preserve and strengthen our cultural and literary legacy. Forugh Farrokhzad: A Journey Along the Line of Time and Simin Behbahani: Love at Eighty are two production programs designed to bring our cultural and literary heritage to life on screen as well as help ensure that the voice of these master poets echo long into the future.
Your support will help us to attain this mission.

Hassan Fayyad,
Founder and Artistic Director


Hassan Fayyad is an alumni of UCLA's film school, former writer-director of documentary films for the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Arts; producer-director and head of Special Production Departments, NIRT (National Iranian Radio and Television); Member, Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Iranian Ministry of Culture and Arts), Faculty of Fine Art (University of Tehran) and College of Cinema and Television (National Iranian Radio and Television); Writer, Filmmaker, Film Critic, and Literary Translator. hassanweb

Mr. Fayyad has also taught Cinema and Theatre Arts at UCLA, Oxnard College, and Pacific Art Center. He is the first Iranian Professor who designed and thought a course about Iranian Cinema at UCLA called: The Poetics and Politics of Iranian Cinema:  Pre- and Post-Islamic Revolution

Mr. Fayyad is currently working on following film projects:

  1. Forugh Farrokhzad: A Journey Along The Line of Time
  2. Simin Behbahani: Love At Eighty
  3. Ebrahim Golestan: Of Time Bygone