Sunday November 7, 2004, at 6:30 pm

A Foreign Poem: A Short Film by Hossein Fazeli

A Foreign Poem is the interplay between femininity, fear and freedom in Iran.

When poetry is flesh

And flesh is banned

How does a woman write her poem?




A short Film by

Samira Makhmalbaf


Sunday November 7, 2004, at 7:00 pm

We will be screening, as part of the Iranian New Wave Series, another unique Iranian film, with a compelling story: Qeysar (1969), by Mas’ud Kimiya’I, with

Behrooz Vosoughiin the title role.

Qeysar was both critically and commercially a remarkable success. The film marked the beginning of the Iranian New Wave Cinema.


On the surface, Qeysar tells the story of Fati who commits suicide after being raped by Mansour Abmangol. As the story unfolds, the film becomes a dark study in justified revenge. Qeysar, whose sister is raped and his brother, Farman, is killed by the three Abmangol brothers, murders them and eventually, he is killed by the police.