Experience The World through The Art of Cinema

SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 2005, AT 6:30 P.M.


Due to some technical problem, we are unable to screen THE SPRING (CHESHMEH) as we had planned on Sunday, October 9, 2005.

Therefore, we are postponing its screening and replacing the program with
THE COLOR OF PARADISE, a lyrical and beautiful film by Majid Majidi,
and Sohrab Sepehri's
Paintings Exhibit, a fascinating short film by Nahid Nazemi, narrated by Mehdi Sarreshtedari, and produced by Nasser Farrokh

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.




Mysticism is shrouded in its own veils—the silver screen being one of them. The popularity of cinema and the exclusivity of mystical excursion of the unknown makes this an endeavor of uncoupled oddity as many flock to theaters, yet a few are drawn to the mysteries of ‘the other reality,’ either as a path to spiritual life or an insatiable curiosity in the bewilderment of the human mind.

This Special Program is designed to view and analyze highly creative work of the world of cinema by the world acclaimed directors who portray our fascination with the unknown and our endless search for truth, love, and beauty explored through the mysteries of life.


Waters, foot steps.
I am from Kashan
Things aren't too bad for me these days.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 2005, AT 6:30 P.M.

Ketabe Gooya Presents

Sohrab Sepehri's
Paintings Exhibit

A Short Film by: Nahid Nazemi
Narrated by: Mehdi Sarreshtedari
Produced by Nasser Farrokh

(30 Min. In Persian)


The visual image is the common denominator of cinema and painting; and indeed, many filmmakers have used the imagery of paintings to shape or enrich the meaning of their films. In Sohrab Sepehri's Paintings Exhibit, Nahid Nazemi explores the interconnectedness of painting and film as modes of art that in comparable ways depict the narrative flow of Sepehri's pictorial universe and artistic life. Her film is Sepehri's deceptively simple poetry in motion.




A Film by Majid Majidi

(90 Min. In Persian with English Subtitles)

Academy Award nominee Majid Majidi
(Children of Heaven, Best Foreign Language Film, 1998)
explores the world of a gifted blind boy at the mercy of his father's crippling sense of shame in THE COLOR OF PARADISE.

Mohammad returns to his tiny village on summer vacation from the Institute for the Blind, unaware of his widowed father's intentions to disown him in order to win the hand-and dowry-of a local woman.
With the wedding swiftly approaching, Mohammad's future hangs precariously in the balance as his father struggles against his destiny, unable to see the wonder of life and love that's so dear to his son.

There will be a panel discussion following the film.