SUNDAY May 15, 2005, AT 6:30 P.M.

Mr. Hollywood

(In English - 10 Minutes)
A fascinating short film by Amir Faress

Orson, a twenty-five-year-old limousine driver, is an aspiring filmmaker whose attempts at breaking into the film industry have all met with rejection. One night, after a long shift, an unexpected opportunity presents itself in the shape of Mr. Abstract, a Hollywood insider whom Orson is commissioned to drive from the airport to his hotel. On the way, Orson tries to make a favorable impression on Abstract but once again comes up against the impregnable wall that seems to close off "the Industry" from its most impassioned aspirants.



A film by Damien O'Donnell

In English

Here's the hilarious, good-time comedy about two bachelors, who were having the time of their lives….until their father started picking their wives! For George "Genghis" Khan (Om Puri), life is a never-ending struggle to teach his kids traditional family values. His modern, fun-loving sons Tony (Jimy Mistry) and Abdul (Raji James), on the other hand, think they have everything figured out! So when the boys discover that dad has secretly arranged their marriages, youthful rebellion rules the day! Named "Best Picture of the Year" by the Londom Film Critics' Choice- you will laugh along with this outrageous look at what happens when two cultures clash in one family.

Admission: $10.00