We would like to wish you a very happy and a prosperous New Year.

We are proud to present, a special screening of Maryam, Ramin Serry's unique first feature in America. We'll be

Ms. Aghdashlou, an Iranian acclaimed actress of screen and stage, not only won the New York and Los Angeles Film Critics Awards, but she also received the 2004, Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her incredible performance in House of Sand and Fog. 


We are also happy to announce that Mr. Shaun Toub, another fine Iranian actor, will be joining us on Sunday, January 16, 2005 for the screening of Ramin Serry's Maryam.Mr. Toub gives a wonderful performance in the film as the father of Maryam. Hope to see you all on Sunday.




The Soul of the Reef:

An award winning and audio-visually astonishing short film by Mani Mirsadeghi







a film by Ramin Serry

With Shohreh Aghdashlou, Maryam Parris, David Ackert, Shaun Toub

Maryam is a searing reminder of the relevance of recent history and of the timeless power of fiction to humanize people and crystallize sweeping events into personal drama.”

Loren King, Boston Globe